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ShaiJones   Posted: Dec 25 2006, 11:37PM |  
Master Debater
Group: Ladies
 I think this is the perfect place to discuss this topic. What is the true definition of a MILF? We all know it stands for Mother I love to F*ck, right? So I was talking to some guys and one said Britney Spears is a MILF but then the others objected saying she is too young to be a MILF. I said, yeah but she is a mom two times over. That makes her one and generally I got the feeling that some consider a MILF as a woman in her mid thirties with a cute shape and/or face who has a few kids and probably has a man at home. Think hot soccer mom. Others, but not many apparently, feel it's a woman who has a kid period. So chime in please on what you feel the true definition of a MILF is. 
Since the world...opps..word was invented with me in mind, I can tell you that the true milf is a hot mom who's ready to roll after the kids are all grown and left the nest. It is a baby boomer phrase like most and it's a happy boomers way of saying to their female counterparts.."bring it on momma, you're hotter then ever." I've concluded that MILF is the exact place between kids and grandkids. Like menopause, it's the question of how long, (mine? lasted exactly ten minutes after my divorce and the feeling of fifteen again's been a blast ever since. Female boomers have stepped it up a notch with the century old question of "what is it about women in their prime" only my eighteen year old son can relate with my nympho wait your turn little girls...I did and welcome you to follow...always a step behind my little I can't believe I have all this time on my hands. LUVIT!!!Hugme Nataly

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