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E-zines, like print magazines, frequently include interviews. Here's an interview I created when I formed the foundation for my empire.

An Interview with Nat Alywould, a Performance Artist who lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Question: Where do you get your ideas?

Nat: I try to draw my idea from real life as much as possible, such as interactive experiences and conversations I have with people I meet.
  Are you part of an agency?

No, I'm completely independent.

  I've heard some great things about your Shangri La, can you tell me a bit more about it?

Well, my mission is focused on my fantasy world of french maid, naughty nurse and school girl entertainment. In my very own VIP bed&break location in South Florida, I offer a businessman's' private playground with dancing stage, strobe lighting, fog and video if he chooses to have a private collectible for his personal viewing as a gift to rewind over and over. My date sleeps in a craftmatic massage bed with fresh white sheets, towels and robe. He can wake up to my sexy french maid breakfast or wait till the end of his business day for a naughty nurse check up.

  Wow! Sounds like you've put some serious thought into your little playground, I'm not sure about the video thing though, how does that work?

I've had many requests for private videos' for personal use only so I've decided to have my own video of natalywould’s tour around the planet. It's not for sale but a gift to my overnight guest only.

  So it's a collectible?

I guess...yes, I guess it would be a collectible since it's not on the market.

  So, can I be in your video?

I'd love that! Of course you would have to be in disguise unless you sign a model release form, but the fun is in the character you create for me.

  So are you suggesting I play out my fantasy for you?

Exactly, you've probably played it out in your mind a million times, just tell me what you like and I'll create the little character for you. I improvise well and I do have some acting experience, so I'm sure we'll have a great little video for you to enjoy years from now.

  I'm not sure if I could have something like that around long, what if I get married?

That's why the disguise is best; no one knows it's you unless you tell them.

  Speaking of married, do you see couples?

Oh yes! I love sharing my fantasy world with couples, and they never seem to get enough of the camera, especially when they're in disguise, but most of the time the video's for their personal library. I’d love to have a copy of some of those for my overnight guest(s) to view. Nummy!

  So tell me more about you. You mention that you were a dancer?

I was Miss Bikini Ontario in 1979 and became a burlesque entertainer at the ripe age of 19. I've had many career moves over the years, but I've always enjoyed being a part of the adult industry. Seems every time I go back, there's a new phase to adult entertainment. Since I can't seem to get back into the original burlesque, I've created a mini version for my own entertainment

  Do you travel?

I do go to DC from time to time. and I've recently toured Boston.  I meet some great people there who travel often, so I go there to promote my Bed&Break location.

  What about traveling on a date request

Oh yes, I've had some great fantasy vacation weekends. Many of my guest love to take me on their business trips, and I've had many wonderful weekends at some great resorts.

  Do you have any other hobbies?

I've been a professional writer for more than a decade. I wrote children's stories, but now that my kids are grown the little girl in me has become far too naughty. I also love to swim, I take a dip at least two or three times a day. I try to stay out of the sun, so I'm out at night mostly. An evening swim is delicious here in South Florida

  When I first spoke to you on the phone, your voice captured me. I just wanted to mention what a great voice you have.

Thanks I get that a lot. I have done some voice modeling, and many of my friends use my voice on their answering machine.

  What kind of voice modeling?

Well, I'm on file with an agency that sells recorded voices. They contact me from time to time to go to their studio to record scripts. I've also been an adult 900 operator and dabble a little in fortune telling, strictly for entertainment.

  Really, so you can tell me my fortune? Is that for real?

I have no idea. I never think before I speak, I just tell it as it is. The power of the mind is a wonderful thing. When something comes to mind that I can't identify, I direct it to the person who is in my company and they seem to understand what I'm talking about.

  So, can you tell me what I'm thinking right now?

Well, your body language is giving you away. You keep looking at my legs, so it doesn't take a scientist to figure you out. I'm thinking that you've pretty much lost interest in this interview.

  Well you do have beautiful legs, and that short, pink skirt is showing more pink than fabric. I imagine there are a lot of questions out there that some of your viewers would like answered. Can I direct any more questions to you in the future?

Sure, anytime someone wants to ask me something I might have knowledge of, I'd be more than happy to respond.


Here is a picture of the interviewee.