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They do exist

In 12th Century Japan and throughout Asia the pleasure giver was respected and held in high esteem. The flavor of the teaching of Buddah at the time was that she was destined for the heaven, due to providing the necessary needs of men. It was felt that she showed compassion, relieved stress, anquish and provided peace of mind. On the other hand any men who did not respect them or mistreated them were destined for a special hell where they would be punished.
You can visit little outdoor exhibites in Singapore or Thailand showing the different punishments that were to be given out in the various sections of hell and the punishments of these men were not at all pleasant.

Courtesans are very special ladies and are at the top of their profession. An evening with a true courtesan is a delight and an experience to be savored. A hundred or more years ago, a courtesan was a lady from the upper classes of society who were unlucky enough to have it known in her social circle that she was sexually active and that she had not married her partner. This made her un-marriageable. She coud go into a life of dull gentility as a governess, teacher or a nurse but most other paths were closed to her. Some chose to be mistresses/courtesans to the upper classes. These ladies were paid lavishly and were publicly displayed. The married ladies scandalized and ostracized them, but courtesans occasionally had great influence and wealth if her patron was highly placed in the political structure.
The Japanese took courtesans to an extreme level with the geishas.
Geishas served long apprenticeships and incurred huge debts, which effectively bound them to the mommasan geishas who trained them. Those days have passed and the courtesans and geishas have vanished with them.
Being 'ruined' these days has little importance and a woman has many ways to earn a living other than being a provider.
So, what is a modern courtesan?

A Courtesan:

- Is educated. She can talk about current events and is an interesting conversationalist. This group can be self-taught or she can have a degree.
- Is focused on her client. She reads him. From subtle signs, she know what he wants and effortlessly gives it. She is very attentive to details and pays close (closer than he realizes) attention to what he says. She picks up many things from his 'ramblings" - what he likes, dislikes, what's important, what's trivial, how he thinks, what he desires.
- Has style and is refined. She can be taken out in public or introduced to friends. She know basic etiquette. She does not have a gutter mouth or a ghetto mentality.
- Is intelligent. This is not to say a Mensa member, but she is in the upper percentiles of the IQ rankings.
- Has a lively, sparkling personality and is entertaining to be with. After the sweaty bit, you do not instantly wish she were in Delhi or anyplace else 10,000 miles away.
- Is immaculately clean and as tidy as a cat.
- Prefers repeat clients and lengthy sessions. Frequently she is a mistress or only schedules one or two clients per day.
- Is discrete. When a courtesan goes public, like Heidi Fleiss, she has effectively exited the business.
- Is honest. She will not try to ensnare the heart of a man and then pluck him like a chicken with lies and ruses.
- Has an extensive wardrobe. She will be properly attired for any occasion she finds herself attending.
- Is sensual. She will delight in food, music, theater, clothing, and love. This does not mean that she is an expert in any of these areas, but she will be able to revel in the pleasures they bring.
- Guards her heart and keeps business separate from her emotions, while not being cold to her patrons.
- Will make her boudoir into a sensual delight with soft music, candle light and perfume.
- Will permit sessions to run a bit long, but will not let her time be abused.
- Will handle the cash with discretion.
Courtesand do not:

- Burden patrons with personal problems
- Does not accept expensive gifts from patrons so she can maintain emotional independence.
- Look for a rescuer from the life she has chosen from the ranks of her patrons.
- Recite a long list of rules and prohibited actions.
There are some negatives associated with Courtesans.

- Are not cheap. This is not to say stunningly expensive, but you will never find a  Courtesan priced at $250. The maintenance she requires prohibits such low rates.
- Demand respect and politeness. The crude and rude will be shown the door in seconds and never be permitted to see her again.
- Are carefull. They have extensive security and contact routines that are designed to weed out the stupid, drunk and impulsive.
- Prefer gentlemen. That is to say men with education, breeding, power and money.
  Courtesans are not for the peasantry.
There are some things that courtesans are not.

- Are not required to be drop dead gorgeous. They will not have a set of ludicrous fake  boobs, piercings in many places or garish tattoos. Most courtesans are very attractive, but  this is not a key component to their allure. They will be fit, tanned, perfumed and utterly  presentable.
- Are rarely extremely young and are never innocent. They tend to be from mid thirties up into their fifties. It takes time to learn the skills and once learned, they are marketable for a very long time. A courtesan is a woman who has been in the business for a lengthy  time period and all the dewy glow will have long since rubbed off.
- Are not necessarily sexual acrobats or insatiable. Some are, but this again is not a key component . They will be competent, utterly unshockable and will have a complete collection  of props.
In short a coutesan is a classy lady friend who you go to for companionship, comfort, good sex and relaxation. She leaves without a whimper and does not try to control your life. She is worth evey penny she is paid.

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