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Great dates start with
 "Top Ten Client Tips"

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Make your first contact memorable. Be concise, honest, friendly and open. If you just want info (shopping?) be honest. If you want to schedule an appointment, suggest best time for you (don't say "How about some time next week?") Mention fee if you don't already know, but don't ask specific questions about it. Don't be graphic or specific-EVER.

Tell her a little bit about yourself. Tell her where you heard about her. Don't waste her time--she gets plenty of inquiries, make yours stand out. Talking on the phone or via e-mail gives you a great idea what's she going to be like in person. If she's friendly and nice, she will be in person. Its also your chance to start building her perception of you.
Be respectful. These girls are PEOPLE. Treat them like you would a girlfriend or lover and they will respond positively. It sounds simple, but most guys are pushy and rude.  
Now that you've made a good first impression, carry it through to the appointment. Show up! Be on time! Be freshly showered and presentable. Not too much "cheap" cologne, please. Be careful of doing anything that would scare her or cause her to be suspicious. Make a great in-person first impression!
Be confident and relaxed. Act like you've done this before. Greet her cordially. Give her a handshake (or, even better, a short non-sexual hug!) and smile and look her in the eye. Be nice--it costs no more and it will pay off in better dividends when it counts.

Place the agreed upon fee on a dresser or nightstand. Pre-counted and in a plain white envelope is always a nice touch. Don't seal the envelope. You may even hand it directly to her if it feels comfortable or if she extends her hand--but DO NOT SAY ANYTHING. Nothing. Just hand it over in payment for her time. Don't argue, ask for explanations, try to bargain, or otherwise ruin the mood at this point. Have a little trust and faith, you will be rewarded!
She will likely ask you if you would " to get comfortable?" This is your cue to disrobe completely. She will likely go into the bathroom, wait a few minutes and then return to the room expecting to see you naked on the bed. Make small talk and get to know each other for a few minutes. Don't be grabbing and making crude remarks. Everything in its time...
Talk to her--simple but very, very effective. Talk about her--compliment her attire, her hairstyle, her perfume. Whatever, but be honest--phoniness shows up quickly. If she asks about you be open and honest--it shows. Women like to relax and have a good time, just like you. Talking during the session relaxes everyone and makes it more enjoyable for all. Don't be pushy or grabby. Let her guide the session at her pace. You would be surprised at the improvement in service you'll get.
After you get to know each other a bit, she may stroke or rub you a little. Let it progess on its own rhythym. She is aware of the time and will make sure you get your business done in the alloted time. At this time, she may ask "What do you like?" This is your cue to explain in more detail what you like and what you'd like to get from the session. If you encounter a "No!" response, then just don't break stride and be sure that you respect her guidelines. If its really, really important to you then you might try begging just a little. Above all, accept her limits, treat her with respect and caring, and you will have a good session anyway.
Be a gentle and considerate lover. Women operate on a much more sensitive level than men do. Spend a little time on foreplay. Tell her when it feels good. Ask her if what you are doing feels good or if what you are getting ready to do is OK. Communicate and ask when you are ready to move on to the next plateau or position.
If the service was excellent and the company was superb, think about leaving a small tip to express your gratitude. Especially, if you are thinking of seeing her again. Depending on the length of the visit, a token tip of anywhere from $20 to $100 would surely be appreciated--figure this into your budget for the evening. I do know that this final step has served me very, very well.
Bonus Tip. The final thought here is to use common sense and civility at all times. The above points are mostly just that. Treat the girl as you would like to be treated--with respect, kindness, caring, and genuine sensitive feelings.

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